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Tips to consider When Buying and Installing Fabric Filters
5 months ago


Clean air is part of the healthy living that everyone longs for in their living premises. The fabric filters are installed within the air compression system to help in filtering and cleaning air and avoid air pollution. They are also known as baghouse or bag filters. These fabric filters determine the cleanliness of the air. However, the tips for choosing the best fabric filters will be explained in this article.


Tip number which you must consider when choosing fabric filters for your compressed air stream is the gap of the filters. Air should flow through the compressed system, and if it fails to flow through there, then that becomes air diffusion. There is a point of being keen on the gaps of the fabric filters because each gap will determine the amount and size of gas particles and other particulates that will go through the media. This means, if the filter gaps are large, they will allow large dust particles to go through the air system hence air pollution, and if the gaps are small, then they will obstruct the large particles from getting through hence getting clean air. Good fabric filters should be able to do inertial impaction which is the process of trapping the heavy air-polluting particles which cannot be flown through the air system. The recommended fabric filters are the ones who can trap large dust and other particles and prevent them from entering the air system through a process known as inertial impaction process.


Tip number two, it is important to choose baghouses or the fabric filters or rather the bag filters which are capable of trapping and removing aerosols within the air. There are some air filtering and air compression streams which use oil-injected compressors which can pose a health challenge when the oil or its products spill off and mix with the air being circulated. It is the work of a good fabric filter to detect and remove these aerosols from the air. When a person breathes in the air contaminated with aerosols, he or she might be affected health wise. Some air contents such as vapor will be removed from the air by a good air filtering media. This is essential because some vapors contain lubricants which can cause harm to the health of the users. This means the fabric filters you choose should be carbon activated which are capable of removing such vapors from the air stream.

Click here for more information about fabric filters:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dust_collector.

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